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Published: 23rd January 2012
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Apollo Munich has been committed in providing best health insurance plans and best customer services in the medical insurance industry. Within short time the company has earned a good image in the market and is making news for all the specialties it is pouring in its innovative health insurance plans. The parent companies of this joint venture are using their complete expertise in making health insurance uncomplicated.

Apollo Munich is a pure health insurance company. Although, it is not a very old player in the insurance market, in a short span of time, it has made its mark in the industry with its sheer commitment to its customers. The company is a joint venture between two companies which are a market leader and hold on years of expertise in their respective fields. Apollo Group of Hospitals is Asia’s largest provider for healthcare facilities. It has succeeded in winning the trust of over 16 million patients. Apollo Hospitals Group has 50 hospitals at various locations in India and outside India. It has 1068 Pharmacies and has a network of over 8000 doctors. It is the only company which has made its name spread to great heights in the healthcare services. One can say that healthcare and Apollo Hospitals are synonyms to each other. Munich Health, the German health insurance giant which is also a world leader in its field has partnered with Apollo Hospitals Group to enter into this joint venture called Apollo Munich. Munich Health works with over 5000 experts at 26 locations worldwide.

One can imagine the outcome and the kind of services and products the two parent companies can offer in the name of Apollo Munich. Since the parent companies know healthcare and health insurance in a very intricate manner, no one can doubt on the kind of health insurance this joint venture can offer.

Nothing can be achieved without commitment. If one has to succeed in one’s business, he/she has to prove his/her worth with the commitment and services he/she is offering to the work. Unless and until there is commitment in the work delivered, no one can justify how his/her services are the best. Apollo Munich is not a very old player in the health insurance market, but within few years since its inception, the company has been in the news for all the positive reasons. It has a long list of accolades and appreciations received from the experts and analyst organizations of the insurance industry. Three of the products offered by the company have been given a 5 star rating by Economic Times Wealth. The products have been designed and developed in such a way that they can serve the maximum of the possible set of benefits offered under them. The plans have been devised after a prolonged research and analysis about the Indian families, their lifestyle and their health related problems in general. Also the kind of income groups they belong to and the quality of health care they can easily avail are few more points which have been considered while developing the plans. This is the reason why Apollo Munich stands on top when it comes to providing the best health insurance plans. The aim of the company is not only to offer health insurance but to offer something more beyond just cover for expenses arising out of medical treatments.

The other insurance players in this industry have taken a step back because their plans and services are not as transparent as that of Apollo Munich. The products offered by the company are very much in line with the requirements of people. The company offers some of the best plans to suit the minor as well as major health treatment related problems.

Since the population of the country is increasing like never before and the cost is also increasing that the same time. It is becoming difficult for more and more people to survive and save at the same time. And if in case, people come across any emergencies or any unforeseen situations, they are hardly left with any options to support their finances. In such situations either people borrow money, or give away their savings. They often have to compromise with their dreams and even have to cut down their routine expenses. But if one buys health insurance, he/she can retain all of his/her savings and can complete his/her dreams. He/she will not have to compromise on any of his/her comforts.

Apollo Munich makes quality healthcare accessible to everyone. It has been striving hard to create and deliver plans which can be of actual use to the masses. Its plans are full of those benefits which are beyond just basic health insurance. Unlike other health insurance providers, the company has come up with specialized plan for people so that almost every ailment can come under the insurance cover and healthcare facilities can turn up to be almost free for people.

The commitment of the company can be depicted in the way that it has numerous fact files to make available to the public so as to create more and more awareness among the masses. The health insurance campaigns of Apollo Munich are variedly different from that of other health insurance companies. It does not try to promote its products rather it tries to promote the benefits of having health insurance. The ‘Pause’ campaign is one such measure to ask people to take little time out of their routine lives and think about the importance of health insurance.

Following are the few features of Apollo Munich which separates it from other health insurance providers:

a. Policy Issuance: The process of issuing policies is quite fast as 93% of the policies are issued within 7 days and 83% of the times within 3 days.

b. Cashless Authorization: Within 2 hours of intimation of the claim, over 90% of times the cashless authorization is done.

c. Claim Settlement: on an average of 15 days all claims are settled and over 95% of claims are settled within 30 days.

d. Customer Satisfaction: On an average over 85% of the customers are satisfied with the company’s services.

e. Renewal rate: Every year over 80% of existing policy holders go for renewing their policies.

With these facts and figure, the company feels pride in serving its purpose of providing quality healthcare within the reach of every individual.

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